A Peek Behind The Curtain...

Ever wondered what it’s like being on the road as a DJ or behind the scenes? What they did to get there, how they do what they do and what happens along the way? The Tough Crowd Podcast is about to give you a unique look at the up’s and downs of life on the road and beyond! 

Asking the big questions and adding his own 2¢, is Tough Crowd’s Chris Finke: 

“I’ve somehow managed to avoid a real job for almost 20 years by being a full-time DJ, producer and record label owner so I know what really goes on…I’ll be inviting a whole host of well-known names and characters along for the ride on each show to discuss the highs, the lows, the hilarious and the ridiculous. Backed up by a playlist for each episode for each guest and featuring listener call-ins, special guest co-hosts and lots more”

Listen To The Tough Crowd Podcast Trailer Here

Tough Crowd Podcast Host Chris Finke

Chris Finke

HOST / Presenter

The podcast is hosted by our own Chris Finke – a DJ, producer and broadcaster with nearly 20 years experience, along with stand up and improv work to back it up.